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Safety & Mental Health

We must make safety and mental health a priority for our students and staff. Our schools have a shortage of nurses and counselors. Often our office staff and our educators are forced to act as first responders and counselors for our students when they may not be properly trained in these important roles. They do their best but isn't fair to them or their students. I will work to ensure each school has at least one nurse and one counselor. I will make sure our educators are properly supported by administration in all ways including their contractual rights, their well-being, and their access to the resources they need. We must provide for those who provide for our kids.


Information and decisions about district finances must be public and transparent. As you know, local control funding is critical for our public schools and the Local Control Accountability Plan (LCAP) requires your input. I will make sure students, parents, educators, and other community members are part of the conversation and decision-making when it comes to school funding.


The district must communicate and work with all the stakeholders in the community - our families, our students, and all our educators and staff in the Alhambra Teachers Association and the California School Employees Association. As a public school teacher and leader in the California Teachers Association, I understand how valuable and important the perspective of our educators is. I also know how critical community and family support is to our district. With me, you will always have a board member who will communicate with all of you regularly. I will always be accessible and listen to your concerns and input before taking action. We may not always agree on issues but you will always know where I stand and the reasons why I make the decisions I do.

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